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ROOF INSPECTION CERTIFICATION ORLANDO Call (407) 610-6771 Tim at Lake Shore Village in Orlando, FL.

March 18th, 2013

Roof inspections are just as important as 4 point reports and wind mitigation reports. Just as the insurance company works shield its assets and cut down its’ losses, you need to take the very same approach. Roof replacements and renovations can be a lot of money. Choosing an inspector now may lessen your restoration charge if troubles are located. Why wait around until it’s too late? Find any troubles early by insisting on a thorough roof inspection by Timothy a Florida State Certified Contractor holding 3 licenses (Roofing CCC1327217, Builders CBC059592 & Home Inspector HI4878).

A roof inspection documentation is demanded for all properties 25 years and older.

Roof inspections of this variety are now demanded by Citizens Insurance Corporation and other insurance providers that clearly want to shield themselves from shelling out a claim on a faulty roof. It is essential that you (the homeowner) want to protect your property and protect your investment. One beneficial measure to rest assured that your roof is on beneficial state is to retain the services of Timothy to inspect your roof. Even if you are selling without completing your roof inspection, you may be putting someone else in a identical or worse situation. Not to mention being dropped or denied insurance policy coverage from your homeowners policy.


Timothy Parks Construction, Inc., was founded in March of 2002. We use our extensive construction experience that spans 3 decades which started in Iowa working on Victorian Homes on the National Historic Register National Historic Register. The founder Timothy Parks has 3 Florida State Certified licenses (Roofing, Building and Home Inspector) that can not only inspect and make recommendations for your home or business, but also estimate the cost of such repairs or renovations. We endlessly update our know-how on all facets of the building routines and energy saving approaches.


What do insurance inspectors and roof inspections in Central Florida look for while inspecting the property?

Here are the top 10 elements a roof inspector is researching for:

1. Water damage or water breach

2. Flashing deterioration or possible malfunction

3. Unfastened or absent shingles or tiles

4. Breaks in flat roofing components and absent granules

5. Free metal roofing panels or absent screws

6. Ruined wood an soft spots

7. Blisters

8. Decay

9. Buckling

10. Wetness in the attic room or crawlspace

Flashing is the sheet metal trim where the roof touches with other material, such as a fireplace, in-take, or industrial heating and cooling. Flashing deterioration are often the result of wind. Also, buildings settle, pulling the flashing loose.

Water problems and Wetness in the loft or home crawlspace is a very large issue. Roof inspection turns up water damage you can’t see. Inspectors look for soaked insulation, damp plaster and moist wood.

Unfastened and absent shingles or tiles can be a warning of a bad installation when your existing roof was installed. Wind is a effective factor in dislodging shingles. Sometimes they simply come Free with time. We get tropical wind gusts here in Central Florida. Roof inspection is essential in finding wind or craftsmanship troubles.

Free metal roofing panels are the aftermath of wind, but the predicament may begin with decay around the anchoring screws that maintain it to your roof.

Blisters, rot and decay are sure warning signs dampness is assaulting. Shingles decompose, flat roofing components blister, and metals rusts when Wetness is out of hand.

The major advantage of acquiring a roof inspection undertaken by Timothy a State Certified Inspector instead of the rivals. He is complete and not make assumptions or forecasts. Doing business with Timothy, you can really rely on an genuine and crystal clear report every time, outlining your roof’s unique needs. This is part of our responsibility to you. Why wouldn’t you insist on the finest? By picking Timothy Parks you are selecting the #1 home inspection service in Florida. Our services do not end at roof inspections but cover a varied array of home inspection, remodeling and roofing services. Consider wind mitigation wind mitigation and 4-point inspections
and find out how you can reduce your insurance premiums.

Please call us to inquire any question about necessary forms and to make an scheduled visit. Our experts will provide you with accurate information concerning the outcome of your roof inspection. Simply call Timothy @ (407) 476-6301

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