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December 15th, 2012
Old Attic Insulation Orlando FL

Old Attic Insulation Orlando FL – Does your attic insulation look like this? If so, call us for a free estimate 407-476-6301

 The edges of attics, referred to as the ‘eaves’, rarely have enough insulation in older homes. The problem is that houses were constructed in a time when energy conservation was not a concern.

When we inspect houses, we frequently make recommendations for more insulation in the attic, but one challenging place to properly insulate on old houses is the eaves

Energy Saving Insulation Installation Orlando FL

A minimal amount of insulation at the eaves results in energy loss, which is unfortunate, but not a major concern.

The best approach in these situations is to use an insulation with a higher R-value per inch – specifically, closed-cell spray foam insulation. It’s not necessary to have the entire attic lid insulated with spray foam, but having spray-foam insulation installed at the eaves is a great way to help compensate for the lack of space at these locations.

Spray Foam Insulation Orlando FL Illustration

Spray Foam Insulation Orlando FL Illustration

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